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储存柜 褚存贵
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Our past domain sales amounts are in the range of USD several thousands to 2 millions.

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We will use 4.cn or Escrow.com Domain Concierge Service .

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Money is not everything.

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  • New data center, Faster connections
    We have moved our servers to the LAX data center and have CN2 GIA China optimized connections.

    Our servers based on dual E5 CPUs and SSD disk array, using a tailored cache system, real-time firewall, and under Proactive Server Management.

  • 新机房,新线路
    我们已将所有网站迁移至LAX机房,并启用中国CN2 GIA优化线路。

    我们的服务器基于双路E5 CPU和SSD硬盘阵列,采用定制缓存系统、实时更新的防火墙和主动服务器管理,以确保万无一失。
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